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3D printing is actually an umbrella term that describes additive manufacturing technologies. The process requires digital CAD models, which are then brought to life by machines that add material together to create 3D objects. It differs from subtractive manufacturing, which achieves the final object by removing material from a solid block; additive manufacturing builds an object by depositing layer upon layer of material, meaning there is no waste.

What are the advantages?

With 3D printing, entire objects or components are constructed in very thin layers, enabling extremely complex geometries that no other manufacturing process could produce. The best use of 3D printing is to quickly produce functioning prototypes or end-use components with incredible detail. There are various additive technologies available, and we will make sure the most appropriate one is used for your project. We always ensure rigorous quality control is undertaken so that only the most precise parts are built every single time.

What 3D printing technologies are there?


Selective laser sintering

Direct metal laser sintering

Multi-jet fusion

Polyjet and 3D printed silicone

We can work with you to develop complete CAD models for the three-dimensional objects you want printed, based on your specifications and any existing drawings you may have. Once the models are complete, they are used to produce the final piece through the appropriate 3D printing techniques and in the appropriate materials. Let Pufferr handle all the technical stuff – just feed us your vision!

Why Pufferr?

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Case Study

3D Prototyping

The Pufferr pros recently lent a helping hand to New Bond Street Pawnbrokers, giving some new firepower to their marketing. The company needed a little rebranding to drive new custom and generate new leads, so we sprinkled a little magic over their marketing to great effect. Having spruced up their website and given their social media content a bit of a makeover, these were the headline figures:

  • We saw website traffic up by an impressive 360.89%
  • Leads increased by 140%
  • There was a boost to market share of 40.11%
  • SEO traffic improved by 41.66%
  • New website visitors increased by a phenomenal 362.84%
  • Social media engagement rocketed by 796%