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At Pufferr, we offer machine learning as a service. This means we can develop and modify Artificial Intelligence tools as part of cloud computing services. This can include things like data visualisation, APIs, face recognition and biometrics, natural language processing, deep learning and predictive analytics. With the backing of a good data centre to handle the computation, our bespoke machine learning tools can integrate with your cloud hosting provider and will help your business grow in ways you never thought possible!

What we can do for you
We offer individual machine learning consulting to help you learn what machine learning can do for your business. Our machine learning tools have genuine impact and value.

Our AI development skills are at your disposal – let us help you to build products and tools that are uniquely adaptive and intelligent. Your organisation can undergo a future-proof digital transformation by embracing the growing AI phenomenon.

Construct predictive models that can classify and quantify new customers and events in the context of historical data. Develop a more proactive approach to the market with smart tools that help you get ahead of the competition.
Custom anomaly detection in your analytics data and operations helps reduce fraud, minimise downtime and regulate other potential operational issues. We can produce intelligent machine learning algorithms that take the onus off you.

Recent advances in deep learning can be leveraged to develop a firm, solid structure in the midst of noisy, chaotic input. We harness state-of-the-art techniques to implement deep learning solutions seamlessly into your products/services.

Reinforcement learning helps to construct intelligent, adaptive agents that get smarter as they work. Let us deliver products that learn and grow autonomously as they interact with the digital environment.

Work with Pufferr on your next machine learning project
Artificial Intelligence is here to stay, and by embracing it you open your business up to a bright future. We can deliver the sophisticated solution your business needs to thrive in tomorrow’s digital landscape, processing complex tasks in minutes that a team of human brains would take days to undertake.
Contact us today to discuss your needs, and we’ll let you know how our machine learning services can take your business growth into hyperdrive.

Data Driven Optimisation

We all have an aversion to jargon and waffle, which is why we take a direct and straightforward approach to each project we work on. Success can be measured in metrics, and we are healthily obsessed with measuring anything and everything. We take each and every element of a campaign into consideration and study it from every angle, being as critical, flexible and open-minded as possible. That means we’re constantly optimising and improving the returns you see, growing your business at lightning speed and constantly adapting.

Why Pufferr?

No-nonsense approach

Forget the jargon, we’re about real work. We’re obsessed with measuring success and metrics, giving your business the bespoke marketing plan you need to grow and be the best you can be. Want straight-talking and straightforward advice? You’ve found it.

Kick-ass team

We’re the complete package, employing some of the best creative minds in the industry. From award-winning marketers to Oxbridge graduates, and from book authors to business leaders, our diversity makes us all the more innovative. That’s what makes us one of the UK’s best marketing agencies.


We like to treat your business like it’s our business, so you know you’re getting the very best out of us. Despite having one the country’s top marketing teams and being based in London, we charge fair fees and treat you as one of the family.
Case Study

Machine Learning

The Pufferr pros recently lent a helping hand to New Bond Street Pawnbrokers, giving some new firepower to their marketing. The company needed a little rebranding to drive new custom and generate new leads, so we sprinkled a little magic over their marketing to great effect. Having spruced up their website and given their social media content a bit of a makeover, these were the headline figures:

  • We saw website traffic up by an impressive 360.89%
  • Leads increased by 140%
  • There was a boost to market share of 40.11%
  • SEO traffic improved by 41.66%
  • New website visitors increased by a phenomenal 362.84%
  • Social media engagement rocketed by 796%